Wondering where to buy the World’s Largest 120-inch 4K UltraHD Professional Display by Sharp? Sharp Corporation, a 100-year old electronic manufacturer and a leader in innovation, yet again launched its 120″ Commercial Digital Signage which is design both for entertainment and businesses which requires non-stop 24/7 operations such as surveillance screen, broadcasting large monitors and other rigid needs.

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First of all, its a 4K ULTRA-HD 120″ Display. Second, it emits a max  brightness of 750 cd/m2 or nits. Third, 24 by 7 operations, a standard TV is designed to operate only for 8 hours a day. Fourth, it has  more input & outputs, (more HMDIs and etch) than standard TV. and  Fifth, it can be used  either for home or for commercial use. Sixth, it support 120 hz (refresh rates), ideal for Live-Monitoring like surveillance and broadcasting. Seventh, IT IS MADE TO ORDER*.

Theater-like Environment with 120” screen – Best Theater TV

Sharp PN-H120 can instantly convert any room into a theater like an environment with its ultra huge size dimension (2715.8 x 1553.3 x 94.7). PN-H120 can easily be used as a 120 inch TV. Standard TV is designed only for 8 hours use. However, with Sharp’s 120” Largest UltraHD Screen Display, it can operate non-stop 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

If you are looking to convert your living room to a theater room without the need of installing projectors nor combining multiple video wall screens, Sharp 120 inch screen display is the right for you.

120-inch Screen with 120hz Refresh Rate

Sharp PN-H120 holds the title of being the World’s largest 120” UltraHD Non-Modular Professional Display. This is not a video wall stitched together nor a projector. It’s a single panel 120-inch display – no bezels, no gap lines, 100% output display from your gaming console.


This mammoth commercial-grade display is not available on any retail stores. It is so special, it is made to order basis. However, some units are available at Sharp’s Gulf office in Dubai and ready to ship internationally.  You can inquire its price and availability: http://www.ultralargedisplay.com/

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