Wondering how much credit balance left in your NOL card. RTA nowadays are active on checking NOL cards to see whether you forgot to punch-in, insufficient NOL fund credits or didn’t mind bringing one at all. These reasons are not accepted by the RTA and would definitely get you fined. The most common problem with NOL cards is not paying attention or failing to recall the outstanding NOL balance. This article will guide you how-to-check your NOL balance and have a peaceful mind.

METHOD 1. Online NOL Card Balance Check

1.) Go to RTA NOL Card e-services website by simply clicking the link below:


Note: By default, the page will be in Arabic language.


2.) Follow these steps below:

a.) Fill in the 10-digit NOL card number which can be found at the bottom back of your NOL card.

b.) Type-in the Security/Captcha code

c.) Click ‘Check’ button

New 2017 NOL Online Balance check


3.) Locate your NOL balance statement which can be seen just below the “Check” and “Reset” buttons.


nol balance statement


METHOD 2. Check NOL Card Balance in any Dubai Metro Stations

1.) Go to the nearest Dubai Metro Station and find the NOL Card Machine.
2.a) Place your NOL Card front side up.
2.b) The NOL Card machine will automatically read your card and show your NOL card balance statement.

checking NOL balance at metro station Dubai

Avoid RTA fines by making sure that your NOL card has above the minimum accepted balance. Check your NOL balance before using any Dubai public transportation that uses NOL cards: RTA buses / Metro (train) / RTA ferry.

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