Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) has made it required by law for all rental contracts to be registered through its department called EJARI (Arabic for ‘my rent’). Rental contracts can be registered by either the landlord or the tenant, or both parties without the need to consult each other. This article guide you How-To get EJARI for certain purposes.

EJARI Registration Requirements

  • Tenant & Landlord’s Emirates ID: Original & Copies
  • Tenant & Landlord’s Passport: Original & Copies
  • Tenant & Landlord’s Residential Visa: Original & Copies
    • If Landlord does not reside in the UAE and appoints a Registered Real Estate Agency to manage his/her property, it is required to supply the name on the SPA.
  • Tenant & Landlord’s Details: Email / Mobile phone number in case typing centers require it
  • Original Tenancy Contract
  • Recent DEWA bill (Green/electronic bill is acceptable)
    • If new tenant, the DEWA registration receipt will be fine
  • Copy of title deeds of the property (if company owned)
  • Trade license (if tenant is a company)
  • Bring Cash. EJARI authorized typing centers might not have an electronic payment option as most of them are SMBs.

Importance of EJARI

  • Required by Law initiated by Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency
  • Protects you from rental disputes if landlord is not following the tenancy contract scope
  • Required for raising  a rental dispute in RERA
  • Required for Sponsoring Dependent’s/Family Visa
  • Some Real Estate Developers / Security Agency might require EJARI when filling rental complaint

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