Without a doubt, jam-packed room storage and cabinets is one of the common problems while living in Dubai. A survey says that an average spending per Emirati family is AED 431,000 per year. Meanwhile, the average annual spending for collective households is AED 129,000 per year – DSC Source. This article will give you tips on How to Sell you unused things in Dubai.

METHOD 1. Sell your Stuff Online Through Dubizzle

One of most reliable channel to sell your old stuff would be on Dubizzle. Their Buy & Sell platform is very easy to use, focused on User-friendly environment and straight forward approach. Like most online platform business, they struggled and strive to be a reliable channel for Buy & Sell online. Today, Dubizzle is considered as one of the most reliable Buy & Sell Website in Dubai. Dubizzle is free to use but also has an option to boost and highlight your ads using their paid option.

selling stuff in dubai

For complete step-by-step on How To Sell at Dubizzle – click here.


METHOD 1.A. Dubizzle Alternatives

Below are some alternatives but not that powerful as Dubizzle in terms of product/service categories.

  • Sheed –  Fashion
  • Classonet – Everything
  • GoFabyy – Everything


METHOD 2. Selling at Dubai Flea Market (Dubai Bazaar)

If you are looking for a ‘garage-for-sale’ like setup, then selling on Dubai flea market is the right place to be. First launched in 2008, this bazaar is visited by a lot of visitors with more than a hundred table stands on a good day.

Garage sale flee market flea dubai

METHOD 3. Selling on Social Media

Social Media Selling is now becoming a trend. Though these channels are not designed for Buy & Sell purpose, selling on these platform are much more interactive as sellers & buyers can interact through comment section, seller can use relevant hashtags to attract specific target niche. You might need more familiarity on how to sell your old stuff – like on Facebook, you need to join specific Buy & Sell Groups. Often that you need to request to join these groups without assurance that they will accept your request.

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