All Dubai mobilephone numbers are prone to SMS spam.  These are annoying and irrelevant text messages that promotes products or services.  Often, sending “STOP” on the spam SMS number won’t stop the bombardment Most of mobile phone users, especially those who are in prepaid plans, are complaining that these spam promotional SMSs are consuming their prepaid credit, making it very annoying. This How-To stop receiving spam SMS guide will give you tips on how to stop those annoying promotions.

Stop SMS Spam in Dubai by Texting to 7726 

1.) On your mobile phones, either you’re using Etisalat or DU network, use the format below and send to 7726.

Format: b [space] [number of spam sms]
Example: b 1145

stop spam sms


2.) Wait for the confirmation which may take only few seconds after sending the SMS. If you haven’t received any after 5 minutes, make sure you are following the correct format stated on Method 1.1. Oh! this method only applies for Dubai numbers.

Successful SMS Block Confirmation:

Stop spam text messages in Dubai

Promotional SMS are annoying and often irrelevant.  Stop receiving these spam text messages by applying this guide. Share Dubai Spam SMS numbers you have blocked by commenting below.


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